EwB News October 2016

Dear friend of EwB:

Education without Borders is reaching more learners in new and innovative ways. We have been successful in achieving this through recent program changes, our dedicated EwB team, new strategic partners, and of course, our EwB learners.

In our 2015 newsletter, we spoke of expanding our after-school program in Math and English and reaching more students in Gugulethu. Indeed, we are happy to report that we have achieved our goals. Other recent program changes include the introduction of isiXhosa and English reading programs for primary learners, and a Science program for intermediate learners.

Other changes have happened at EwB, including the recent expansion of our ‘on the ground’ EwB team. In 2015/16 we welcomed Esther Sikwela (Head Tutor), Jenny Farrow (Math Curriculum Advisor), Nokuthula Dyonase (Literacy Tutor) and Mark Gamble (Consultant Organizational Manager).

Education without Borders remains committed to being a dynamic organization, as evidenced by our recent partnership with AnxietyBC and Dogwood 25. We initiated these partnerships to include Canadian programs that focus on improving the lives of First Nations children and their communities. Looking ahead, we are keen to explore opportunities to share knowledge and support programs based on experiences locally and abroad.

We believe that our programs and projects, including all of our new initiatives, not only inculcate a love of learning but also empower children, youth and their communities. We are hopeful for the future!

Yours in Education

Cecil and Ruth Hershler
On behalf of the EwB Board

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