Mel Beaton is a Corporate Partner at Hammerberg Altman Beaton & Maglio LLP in Vancouver, where he practices in and manages the corporate commercial department. A UBC graduate, Mel is a former EwB Board member and currently the director at large for the South Fraser Rams Football Club.

Sharon Habib is the Brand and Communications Strategist and Founding Partner at OutsideIn Communications in Vancouver. Her career spans several industries from industry, government, municipal, non-profit and retail sectors. Sharon studied education, journalism and English at the University of Cape Town.


Colin Mallett and Judi Angel have undertaken three volunteer assignments in the developing world, two of them in Africa. Their work involved building organizational strength of locally-based non-profits. Colin’s background is in management and board work in the pharmaceutical industry, and Judi’s expertise is in non-profit management and fundraising. Colin served on the EwB board for several years, while Judi helped establish its fundraising program and continues to lead its strategic planning sessions.


Bonny Norton is Professor and Distinguished University Scholar in the Department of Language and Literacy Education, University of British Columbia. She has been active in international development for many years, and has a particular commitment to Africa. For more, please see her website. Bonny is a former EwB Board member.

Tsangarakis_NicNic Tsangarakis is the owner of Kwela Leadership and Talent Management and a former longtime EwB Board member. Born in Greece and raised in South Africa, he has an enduring love for the country, its people and its rugby team (the Springboks!). He remains intensely interested in South Africa’s opportunities and challenges and supports EwB as best he can in its important work.


Ted Weber studied management at Leeds University and was managing textile businesses in the U.K. and Canada before returning to his birthplace, Cape Town, South Africa, in 2002. He now runs a small tour company, guiding visitors around Southern Africa. He wanted to give something back to a disadvantaged community due to his privileged education.