EwB South African Team


Charmaine Visagie-Africa, Program Coordinator

(Lower right)

Charmaine Visagie-Africa comes to EwB with a business background, most recently working in events and marketing. She has a practical approach to problem solving, strong interpersonal skills and a drive to see things through to completion – all skills that bode well for her work at EwB.

Charmaine loves being part of the EwB team, describing it as her ‘home away from home’, because it makes a difference in the lives of children. She thrives at EwB because of her satisfaction in watching the learners grow and achieve success.

Mark Gamble, Consultant Organizational Manager

(Upper left)

Mark Gamble comes to EwB with a background in environmental education and child and youth development. He has experience helping adjudicated youth address trauma and abuse. Mark’s experience also includes the administration of child and youth development agencies, change management, fundraising and more recently, a social business start up that allows youth to generate a livelihood through micro business endeavours.

Mark’s passion, dedication and experience shows in his work with EwB. Some of Mark’s accomplishments include helping EwB secure its South African NPO certificate, creating an organizational framework and organizing tutor training sessions.

Jenny Farrow, Math & English Curriculum Advisor

(Upper right)

Jenny Farrow is a retired teacher. She spent ten years teaching in Zimbabwe and 33 years in South Africa. During her years teaching, Jenny co-authored Mathematics books, Life Skills books and English books for First Language and Home Language learners for three publishing firms.

Jenny got involved with EwB because she wanted to assist schools in poorer communities that are very under-resourced and lack many of the opportunities the learners and teachers she had worked with took for granted.

Jenny now uses her teaching skills to make a difference through EwB. She enjoys engaging with the tutors and learners, and feels very privileged to have been given the opportunity to join the EwB team.

Esther Sikwela, Head Tutor

(Lower left)

Esther Sikwela is a former EwB learner. She graduated from high school and went on to study Physical Science at the University of Western Cape.

Esther has been a tutor with EwB for about seven years. She believes that her work at EwB has taught her to lead by example. She concedes that growing up in the township can mean limited choices. She chose education and knows she chose the right path. In Esther’s words, ‘Education is the key to success and it is something powerful that no one can take away from you’.

Nokuthula Dyonase (Thuli), Tutor

(Upper centre)

Thuli has experience facilitating drama classes, dance classes and human rights programs. She has also taught English as a Second Language in Korea.

She has made great strides in improving literacy among the learners. She continues to play an integral role in the Mseki Primary School Programs aimed at improving early childhood literacy and English language skills.

Thuli is fulfilled by seeing joy in the learners’ faces and observing the progress they make in their studies. She is motivated to be part of EwB because she loves working with young people and contributing to their lives in a positive manner. In her words, ‘EwB has brought the children of this nation a legacy of education’.