Past Projects

Fezeka Food Garden

SEED food gardenStarted in 2010, the aim was to create a food garden at Fezeka Secondary so as to teach students about plant life and the environment, as well as to encourage them to grow their own food. The program was built into the Fezeka curriculum and run by the South African NGO, Schools Environmental Education and Development (SEED). Funding ended in 2012.

The Fezeka Senior Management Team, under the stewardship of Mrs. Mangxola, took over the care of the garden and have maintained it since. Part of the garden is used as a flower garden and part to grow vegetables.

The hope is that students will take the knowledge they gain into their communities and that the project will spawn more gardens. Hunger is a major problem in the townships and directly affects students’ performance in class. EwB thanks SEED and particularly Leigh Brown for her work in getting this project off the ground.


Dance Program

ikapaclassOne of the first extramural activities that EwB funded at Fezeka was dance. The fifth and final year of the dance program was 2012. EwB partnered with iKapa, a dance company in Cape Town, to administer the program.

EwB believes strongly that a flourishing arts culture can empower the students and enliven the school. The program was created to generate interest in dance as a hobby or profession and provide the students with role models. iKapa company members almost exclusively hail from disadvantaged communities, and their success demonstrates the importance of aspiration and dedication.

iKapa teaches classical, African and contemporary dance and goes beyond the teaching of artistic skills to focus on installing a positive, hardworking and productive attitude.

In 2015, EwB supported a graduate(Sonia Yabo) from the Zama Dance Centre in Gugulethu. Sonia is currently a 4th year student at the Waterfront Theatre School.