Under the able stewardship of Diane Singer and Claire Jankelson, the first Sydney South African Film Festival burst onto the scene in 2019 to great acclaim. 

The inaugural Sydney South African Film Festival was a way of showcasing the South African cinema to audiences in Sydney while raising funds for a worthy cause.

The festival's debut celebration which included the auction of a safari, was a great success!

Raising money for the pilot year of the 4th chapter of Education without Borders at Bellville South was the target. The SAFF team more than fulfilled their goals for the children of Belville. 

In general feedback to the festival has been excellent. People loved the community aspect of it and are still talking about it.

7th – 17th May 2020 is the date of the 2nd SSAFF. 


Beginning in early 2020, Education without Borders (assisted by Guy Cohen and Nathan Paul) are planning to start a Surf Clinic (SurfWithoutBorders) which will take selected students/learners of EwB programs surfing on the weekends.

Initially, the program will begin with a partnership with 9Miles Project. 9Miles Project is an organization started by Nigel Savel, providing at-risk youth all across Cape Town the ability to surf and experience the ocean. They will provide the resources, coaches and knowledge to help our program run smoothly. The surf program days will include not only surfing but other courses such as ocean safety, breathing techniques and overall health. 

The Surf Clinic provides children with an opportunity to experience something new, have fun, learn about the ocean and is also an outlet from the poverty and crime in the townships. This program will not only provide the students/ learners with a  fun-filled experience but will also give them another reason to attend and do well in EwB’s after- school program. We are very excited to be able to provide the students/ learners with such an opportunity.

If you would like to support this new program and help it grow, please donate through the link below:

USA: paypal.me/SurfWithoutBorders

Canadians:  canadahelps.org

(Please indicate that the donation is for SurfWithoutBorders)

What a celebration of 25 years of democracy in South Africa!


We partied to the non-stop music of former Rwandan refugee, Ezra Kwizera and friends. Danced to the captivating sounds of ex-Soweto Choir member, Jabu Dladla and Zimbabwean musician, Pasi Gunguwo.

Sharpeville Six Defense Lawyer, Prakash Diar, was our keynote speaker. He is a writer, human rights activist and legal counsel for Justice Canada.


Mayibuye (Mah-yee-boo-yeh) iAfrika is a Zulu slogan from the liberation struggle in South Africa. It means Bring Back Africa, a call for independence, diversity and justice.


All proceeds go to the non-profit organizations EwB and SACABC.

Just $360 (less than a dollar a day) allows one student to complete one year of EwB’s after-school program, and provides them with a meal every day.

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