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Founders' Message

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Dear EwB supporters:

2021 was another challenging year.

  • Covid was still rampant in South Africa (SA) and affecting school attendance. Even when schools were allowed to be open for classes, there were restrictions on how often learners could attend. Classes were split and learners attended in a staggered fashion. When learners attended, it was observed that they were not as eager or interested in learning.
  • The effect on the economy was a rise in unemployment, higher levels of poverty and increased stress. Nevertheless, Education without Borders (EwB) continued to offer its After-School Program to assist learners in improving their academic results as well as gain confidence in themselves.
  • An EwB road-map committee met regularly through the year. Its members included a SA Board member plus the SA Organisation Lead and South African and Canadian Educational Consultants. A Report on the After -School Program which incorporated both observational and quantitative assessment data was presented in December, 2021.
  • Recommendations were made and incorporated into planning for the program in 2022. Among these recommendations were improvements in tutor selection and training, combining School-in-a-Box (SIB) tablet based learning with small group “face to face”, activity sessions and using SIB to make the quantitative assessments and determine the “gap” in each learner.
  • The overall aim of the After-School Program remains ”Closing the Gap”.
  • Monde Mdingi and Likho Lubisi became permanent members of the EwB operational staff team in Cape Town and a higher calibre of tutor was generally noted.
  • Due, in part to Covid and to pressure from the Western Cape Department of Education, it became increasingly difficult for EwB to maintain its administrative office in a classroom at Fezeka. Planning has begun to look for an alternative space in Gugulethu.
  • From a fundraising perspective, SAFF USA ran a successful inaugural Festival while SAFF AUS/NZ completed its third and SAFF Canada its 11th. A huge “Thank you" to all the SAFF volunteers that made it happen .
  • In Canada, we supported the Seabird Island Band Outdoor Educational Program for the second successive year.
  • We piloted a distance Mentoring program (organised from Canada) with senior learners. Mentors across North America volunteered to meet virtually with individual mentees to discuss issues ranging from studies to career planning, etc.

We remain determined to make a difference when it comes to providing educational opportunities for young people.


Yours in education,

Ruth and Cecil
Founders of EwB

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