Founders' Message

Dear Education without Borders Supporter,

In a recent interview, we were asked why we started EwB. It brought us back to that moment in 1972

when the two of us, fresh students at the University of Cape Town, opened the Cape  Argus and read an article on the state of  Black education in South Africa.


Our reaction was a  profound sense of  “the playing field was not level”, the feeling that the majority of South Africans, as a result of unjust legislation, were not as privileged as we were and did not have the opportunities and advantages we had.


Since then, and even post-democracy, this feeling has continued to inspire and motivate us.


Nothing would have been achieved without the help, hard work and guidance of many people.


It seems incredible to look back over the years and to appreciate the generosity of our volunteers, donors, supporters and the proceeds of numerous South African Film Festivals  (Vancouver, Toronto and Sydney, Australia). This has led to the building of classrooms, a garden, library, drama, dance and lunch programs and an after school tutorial program led by a team of leaders, 5 site coordinators, tutors and learners in South Africa. In recent years, we have also supported Indigenous youth programs in Canada and literacy programs in several African countries. In 2020, we supported COVID relief feeding programs in the Western Cape.


We don’t know how to adequately express our gratitude except to say:



Cecil and Ruth Hershler (on behalf of the entire EwB Team)

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