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Founders' Message

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Dear EwB supporters:

2022 has come and gone. Covid is hopefully on the wane and we have all cautiously started to travel out a bit. However, the situation in South Africa, on a macro level (government, municipality, society), is not as optimistic.

We are fed stories daily of incompetence, corruption and even criminality in the government in the news.

Educational opportunities have diminished in the poorer regions accompanied by increasing poverty, unemployment and feelings of hopelessness. Small businesses and township schools buckle under an ever  increasing loss of electricity and poor municipal services. Against this sombre backdrop, we have a gallant group of NGO's (of which EwB proudly raises its flag) keeping learning alive, providing safe supportive spaces, nutrition, sport and, above all, hope for a better future.

In 2022, we bade farewell to our organisational lead, Allison Baxter and wished her well in the future. She worked hard to improve our organisation’s function and created many networking opportunities for EwB. Thank you, Allison. In late 2022, we welcomed Dr. Corvell Cranfield as the new EwB Director,  Operations and Education. We look forward to his guidance in 2023.


Yours in education,

Ruth and Cecil
Founders of EwB

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