Founders' Message

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Dear EwB supporter,


It’s 2021 and we continue to live under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Most of us in Canada, Australia/New Zealand and the United States feel safer but still at risk.  In South Africa, however, the situation is more grim:

  • According to recent data, more than 80% of the population have had some form of COVID and only about 20% have been fully vaccinated.

  • Due to the pandemic and lock down measures, school attendance has suffered and more children remain uneducated.  At the same time, unemployment, poverty and food shortages have continued to rise.

  • Local and national governments are hamstrung by corruption, mismanagement and greed.


In the face of this awful predicament, what does EwB do?  In 2021, we stepped up our work and stayed focused on what matters most – helping disadvantaged and at-risk children in their greatest time of need.


In South Africa, EwB …

  • Supported local feeding programs, providing food to EwB learners, their families and communities.

  • Collaborated with our five partner schools to help with “catch-up” on key learnings that have been missed.

  • Used technological aids (i.e. tablet based e-learning (School in a Box), WhatsApp lessons, Zoom mentoring) to supplement small group after-school tutorials in Math, English and Science.

  • Continued to search for solutions to combat drop out and increase tutorial attendance.

  • Assessed even more rigorously what and how we are teaching to remain relevant to the needs of our learners.


We are thankful for our team in South Africa that is dedicated to helping EwB’s 500 learners.  Our EwB Board and team of staff (two organization and program leads, five site coordinators, 45 tutors) who work at 5 sites have been invaluable to our success this past year.


In 2021, we used a portion of EwB revenue to support local Indigenous projects in Canada, including the Seabird Island Band Summer Outdoor Education Program in British Columbia.


Education without Borders is supported by the ongoing leadership of our Board in Canada as well as ongoing fundraising initiatives.  The South African Film Festivals in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A. enjoyed great success in 2021 for which we are most grateful.  The EwB Annual Giving Campaign also continues to generate much-needed funds for our programs.


The pandemic has created the worst crisis to education and learning in a century. 


Please support EwB when it matters most.



Yours in education,


Ruth and Cecil (on behalf of EwB)