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Co-founder, Canada 

Executive Director, Canada Programs, Finances, VSAFF, Events 

Board Director, South Africa

I continue to be inspired by the young people of South Africa who believe that they can be contributing members of a fair society. Inspiration is also found through the devotion and passion of those working in South Africa to bring about the change that is needed to provide equal opportunities for these young people to achieve their dreams.

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Board Director, Canada

Long Term Fundraising Committee

I am inspired to work with EwB as an opportunity to give back to the country that gave me so much, and in a way that makes an enormous and meaningful difference to the lives of the people who we are able to help.

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Board Director, Canada

VSAFF, Events

I am inspired by the children, full of hope and high expectations despite their impoverished circumstances.  I am delighted to be part of an organization that nurtures their optimism and dreams, by providing them with educational support so they can take their rightful place in society and help build a successful future South Africa.



Board Director, Canada


The motivation behind my work with EwB comes out of the belief that education is the most powerful tool you can have to change your future. After my experience as an assistant teacher in Muinziberg, SA, I was looking for a way to use my marketing skills and experience to continue supporting this great cause even from Canada. I feel lucky and privileged to be a part of an organization like EwB.



Board Director, Canada

Curriculum (SA)

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ (African Proverb) 

Education without Borders is committed to  providing education support to children from vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in South Africa and Canada. Math and English are key areas of focus in after school tutorial programs. As an educator and senior system leader in Canada with experience working in disadvantaged communities in South Africa, I am delighted to join the EwB community.  

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Board Director, Canada

During a trip to South Africa and visiting school-children in the townships I saw the same educational barriers that we see in many Indigenous communities across Canada.  Having worked for a non-profit national Indigenous organization, planning educational career fairs for Indigenous youth, I have seen first hand the power and long-term benefits of investing in quality education for disadvantaged youth.  I was fortunate to meet Ruth and Cecil in Toronto at the South African Film Festival and learn about the important work of Education Without Borders (EwB). I am deeply grateful for the opportunity as a communication professional to contribute in some way to EwB's vision and mission to improve outcomes for youth through quality education.  

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Board Chair, South Africa

Finance, Canada & South Africa

Thato Makgolane is a Canadian designated chartered accountant who spent 10 years in Canada during which time, he volunteered and served on EwB (Canada) Board. Today, he lives in Johannesburg and continues to provide finance / strategic insights to both EwB (Canada) and EwB (SA). 

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Program Lead, South Africa

Programs, South Africa

Anthea has been a social service practitioner in South Africa for nearly twenty years and has dedicated herself to the country’s most disenfranchised young people and their families. She holds a national certificate for Care of the Handicapped and is working towards her B-Tech degree in Child And Youth Development.  Anthea was formerly the Programme Manager for Afrika Tikkun, spent years as a trainer and mentor supervisor in the Isibindi programme for the National Association of Child Care Workers. She is the founder of Building Bridges an after-school organisation that provides psychosocial and educational support to children and youth facing extreme poverty and a lack of community programming in her home community.

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Site Co-ordinator Mseki , Gugulethu

Unathi is unwavering in his commitment to youth development and has worked with several NGOs in Cape Town such as Afrika Tikkun(5 years), Grassroots(1year 3months), Lead 4 life (freelance for 3 years) and the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (6 months). He holds certificates in child and youth care (level 5), facilitation and football coaching. He has extensive hands on experience of working with children, youth and people at large in the community and within the operation of organisations.  EwB is playing a big role in the academic side of youth development which is an important tool for today’s young South Africans. Education provides opportunities. Education creates an awareness of possibilities and motivation towards the creation of goals.

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Site Co-ordinator Nobantu, Mfuleni

Likho joined the EwB team at the beginning of 2020. She brings with her a variety of experience having worked and studied in different industries. She studied Management at the University of Joburg, worked in retail and hospitality, but fell in love with community development. She is devoted to community upliftment projects and is a part of Ambassadors of Change, a network of youth for social change. She serves as Head of Women Capable Forum. She also currently works with her mother running a catering business. Likho is a welcome addition to the EwB team.

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Board Director, Australia

I have always been on the lookout to support non profits working in South Africa, particularly in Education where my Australian dollar is multiplied 10x or more. After Claire mentioned EWB and Film Festival I was fortunate to be able to meet Ruth and Cecil in Cape Town and to be able to hear first hand about the work EWB is doing. As a result of that meeting I decided to make a donation to EWB. The following year I decided to become more involved in the project and accepted an offer to join the board in Australia.



Board Director, Australia

I left South Africa as my birth country 26 years ago and after a long period of disconnection, I have experienced enormous personal significance through this deeply moving Festival, and the power of film as an artform, that has connected me back to my roots. My social orientation and deep commitment to serve the greater good drives my desire to enhance the lives and opportunities of present-day citizens of the Rainbow Nation.



Board Director, Australia

EwB offers a range of after school programs for children from impoverished communities. I’m inspired by young people who, despite the challenging circumstances of their lives, are committed to educating themselves. It is a privilege to be a part of an organization that creates these opportunities for learning. 



Co-founder, Canada 

Board Chair, Canada

Governance, Programs, VSAFF, Events

What inspires me about EwB is the fact that for over 15 years a group of people thousands of miles away from South Africa have volunteered hours of their time to create a safe space for less privileged children to study, battle poverty and realize their potential.

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Board Director, Canada

BC Projects, VSAFF, Events

I believe education is a critical pathway out of poverty. Many barriers continue to exist in the township school system. The EwB programs provide an opportunity to mitigate these barriers by supplementing school classes and by fostering learning in a creative and supportive environment. I am deeply committed to supporting this work and being part of an organization that strives to build the capacity of disadvantaged youth.

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Board Director

Long Term Fundraising  

Evidence indicates that education and especially child education is one of the critical measures that breaks the vicious cycle of generational poverty. I am a long term finance committee member striving to break this cycle through consistent funding. My primary role is corporate, institutional and private fundraising with a focus on long term donor engagement. Long term donor engagement delivers sustainable program funding; learning outcomes are significantly improved with  multi-year student enrollment enabled by sustainable funding.   



Board Director, Canada

SSAFF, EwB (Australia)

 I believe that a good education is the right of all. It’s the path to actualisation and facilitates an autonomous and rich life, enabling one to become an enabler of others.  I am inspired by the work done by Education without Borders, and am honoured to be a part of this organisation.



Board Director, Canada

I enjoy working with the caring and thoughtful team at EwB. As well as supporting children and youth in South Africa, I appreciate the work we do to support Indigenous youth on Turtle Island (Canada).



TSAFF, EwB (Toronto)

I have a keen interest in giving back and am passionate about environmental causes, social justice and the development of lower-income countries. On top of this, despite not being South African, I have a particular interest in South Africa which started with a trip to Cape Town in 2010 and then grew through subsequent visits and especially after marrying into a South African family. Through these family connections, I was lucky enough to be connected into EwB. Education is consistently shown to be a catalyst for positive change and it’s exciting to think about what the world would look like if people who don’t have access to quality education did.



Board Director, South Africa
Programs, South Africa

Stephen N Murefu is married, with 2 children and based in Cape Town. He is an Economic Development specialist who has been involved in the South African renewable energy sector for the last 7 years.

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Organization Lead, South Africa

Curriculum, Programs, South Africa

Allison has been working in the field of youth development and leadership since 1996. She has a professional instructor’s diploma and a Masters of Education. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Allison has worked internationally as a facilitator and trainer in both the corporate and NGO sectors. She moved to Cape Town, South Africa in 2005 to work with underserved communities. She has been involved with experiential education programmes, leadership training, mentorship, and child and youth care development. Allison loves connecting authentically with people from all walks of life. She is enthusiastic about assisting individuals and groups to have a-ha moments, and be inspired towards life-long learning.

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Site Co-ordinator Fezeka, Gugulethu

As EwB’s longest employee ( with EwB since March,2013), Charmaine is grateful for the opportunity to still be working for the organisation. She holds a post graduate diploma from UWC in Librarian and information.  She has worked to develop the library, garden and tutoring sessions at Fezeka highschool. She is impressed to see the continuous growth and development of EwB and is committed to contribute to its overall success. With her friendly, outgoing personality, Charmaine builds strong relationships with her colleagues, tutors, school staff and learners alike.

Mickayla Smith- Bellville South  Coordin


Site Co-ordinator Bellville South

I bring my personal lived-experience to Education without Borders having been raised in a similar community to Bellville South. I was a community worker for Kethempilo in Delft Township (her home community) and spent four years as a Family Support Case Manager for Afrika Tikkun. I have provided on-the-ground youth work for many years and also has a background in facilitating leadership camps, both in South Africa and the United States. I started my journey at EwB as an intern in March 2018- from there I took on the role as Site Coordinator for Bellville South Primary in March 2019. I fully believe in the vision and mission of Education without Borders and will go above and beyond to execute it to the best of my ability. I consider myself blessed to form part of such an impeccable team and organization as a whole.



Board Director, Australia

Inspired by a family of remarkable women who have contributed significantly to education in South Africa, by others who do what they can to make a world a better place, by those individuals who work so hard to overcome seemingly insurmountable adversity, and by the values, integrity, passion, and commitment of this group of extraordinary volunteers, I found my way to working with EWB, an organization I feel privileged to be part of. I am grateful to EWB for the opportunity to give back, in some small way, to the country that has given me so much.

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Board Director, Australia

Education is pivotal to enabling children to achieve in life. It is a privilege for me to work with EwB in supporting the innovative efforts to educate children in South Africa. Having worked for many years with children as a paediatrician in South Africa, I am delighted to continue to make a small contribution to their wellbeing in this way.



Board Director, Australia

Cape Town is my place of birth and I retain a strong connection to the land and the mountains and the peoples of South Africa. I came to Australia in ’94 without the desire to leave the country where I had worked in leadership with young people. I am the director of the SAFF (Australia) and have loved the reconnection with the spirit of the country that film so uniquely offers. 

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