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'A Lightbulb Moment'

Joseph Bennett is a volunteer mentor in Education without Borders' (EwB) mentorship program, which connects adult mentors with mentees in South Africa. Read on to hear how powerful a mentorship session can be.

"Here's a recent exercise that my mentee and I did over the course of an hour or so...he was feeling like he didn't have a lot going on for him, and I wanted to help him recognize how much he already has. I began the conversation by asking him if he knew what a toolbox was. He knew that it was a place to put tools, so I asked him if he knew that he had personal tools that he could put in a tool box (I gave him a hint that he likely had more than 20, even though he couldn't think of one).

So, one by one, we went back and forth discovering what tools he already had that he could use to create a magnificent life. We came up with 25!

When he thanked me for helping him with this, I reminded him that he already had these tools... I simply stood over his shoulder, pointed, and said 'look'. With that he started crying tears of joy.

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