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A Parent's Perspective

Natasha October’s son and daughter are enrolled in Education without Borders' (EwB) programs, and shared her insights with us.

"Education without Borders has taught and disciplined my children in so many ways. It has helped my daughter Erin (Grade 6) and son Reuben Jr (Grade 4) a lot with their school work, as the work the organization does is a part of the work the kids do in school so they are better prepared. This program has also taught my daughter how to surf and today I can proudly say that Erin is a surfer.

From Erin and Reuben Jr’s feedback, EwB has also helped them prepare for their exams which is encouraging for the kids and makes them feel positive and confident to write

their exams. What I also like about this program is that as a parent, I was given feedback about my children's progress. From a parent's point of view, if EwB's program will be

made available again next year, I will gladly allow my children to be part of it again. Education without Borders also keeps my children from the streets, seeing that this program is after school. This has a positive impact on my kids because when they arrive home there is no time for them to be on the street, thus they stay out of trouble."

- Natasha October, parent of EwB learners

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