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The EwB team in SA attended a Covid-19 training session on July 29th at Mseki Primary School ( conducted by Life Choices):

• Received a "Practical Approach to Care" Kit booklet that was designed for people seeking more information about how to care for their own health and the health of their family at home.

• The content covered the following: what coronavirus is, the 5 golden rules for good hygiene at home to stop the spread of the virus, how to use shared toilets and taps and to know when to seek health care if you were in contact or contacted the virus, how to clean and disinfect surfaces with bleach and water, looking after our mental health, how to be coronavirus safe at school, work, when travelling or at the shops.

• A list with helplines and websites for counselling and crisis support, substance abuse related issues and any mental health issues.

Received a colourful booklet Be A Superhero ( a COVID-19 guide for students that help learners with what they need to know about the virus, COVID -19 prevention kit (mask, good hygiene, physical distancing, self -screening, no touching, sanitize surfaces), common questions asked about COVID-19 being back at school and the ‘new' normal.

Very important that learners have access to a therapist that will call them back when they send an SMS or call 081-817-8907.

Site  Coordinator Unathi September  with Life Choices Facilitator


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