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Episode 2 Available: Remember Podcast

100.7 The Raven has published a new episode of its Indigenous-led podcast titled “Remember,” through a partnership with Education without Borders (EwB). The podcast explores the thoughts and memories of First Nations elders from Vancouver Island and the surrounding areas. The second episode, “Exploring Elders Adeline Billows & Bill Blainey” was released on October 25, 2022 and listeners can find the podcast on the Raven’s official website and on all major podcast streaming services.

Click here to listen

In this episode, original recordings featuring Adeline Billows and Bill Blainey are played with input and perspective on their stories provided by Podcast Host Tchadas Leo and team. Topics include hunting and food, bathing rituals, traditional burial grounds, family and holiday gatherings, as well as music. Joining Host Tchadas Leo on this episode are guest hosts Shirley Badger and Cassie Francis. Funding for this podcast is provided by Education without Borders, with a donation from Hammerco Lawyers LLP in memory of Mel Beaton, to contribute to a legacy of reconciliation and cultural education for the benefit of Canadian society.

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