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EwB Mentor Celebrates Mentee Achievements

Education without Borders' (EwB) mentorship program connects adult mentors from North America with mentees in South Africa. DB, a volunteer mentor from Toronto shares their experience and progress of their mentee. "This year's end marks a big transition point for my mentee. She is 21, has just written her final law exams at the University of the Western Cape and is now transitioning to her first salaried position in the new year as an intern with a big law firm.

She is exceptionally articulate and high achieving, and has managed to use her intellectual skills to get ahead academically. However, on a personal level, she abounds with self doubt and insecurity.

From her traumatic early years, she has navigated an often frightening world carrying sometimes strong feelings of unworthiness and self doubt. We were able to dig into her early circumstances and experiences that have contributed to these feelings and, in the process, she has learned a range of coping mechanisms.

Through our weekly mentorship sessions, she is learning to directly confront her thoughts of inadequacy and self doubt. For example, we discussed adopted coping strategies that resonate with her. She particularly latched onto an IALAC mantra (‘I am lovable and capable’) which she has put as a poster on her wall and refers to in her doubting moments. She told me today that she ‘is excited’ for this next chapter in her life story. It’s lovely to see the change in her attitude to her accomplishments and growing belief in herself."

DB, from Toronto

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