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Have you ever wondered how EwB started?

In early November 2020, a few weeks before SAFF went virtual, Cecil Hershler, EwB co-founder, was interviewed by the founders of Veldskoen Shoes, South Africa for their podcast "South African-ness: The Veldskoen Podcast".

The discussion covered the origins of EwB, referenced the early involvement of Rodney Benson and Sandy Berman, the power of naivety, the personal connection to veldskoen and how to go from being a “storyteller” to “story-doer” or “putting your shoe where your mouth is”.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Veldskoen is now operating in Canada under the guidance of David Jacobson. Veldskoen, Canada was a sponsor for SAFF this year and will be forging a longer term relationship with EwB in the future.



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