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Land Acknowledgement 2021

At this pivotal time in Canada’s history, we are being asked to confront the tragic effects of the Residential School policy on so many Indigenous people. SAFF Canada and EwB approached Heather Royal Brant and asked her to assist with the creation of a meaningful Land Acknowledgement. The result is a short film that asks each of us to become aware again of the value of our natural resources. Heather regards this film as part of a greater healing. We hope you will find this video equally meaningful.

The Land Acknowledgement video was created by Heather Royal Brant and Zsofin Sheehy (8 minutes). Heather is Mohawk from the Bay of Quinte and lives on Denman Island. Zsofin Sheehy (videographer) lives on Hornby Island.

In 2021, EwB continued its support for the Seabird Island Band Outdoor Education Program.


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