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In Memoriam | Mel Beaton

August 1,1961 - February 22, 2022

Mel Beaton has been an indelible part of Education without Borders (EwB) since its inception in 2002. He volunteered to be the pro bono lawyer for the Education without Borders Foundation and NPO at the very start. He was on the Board for many years before retiring from that position but staying on to run our AGM ‘s year after year.

He created the Agenda , filed the Minutes and made sure that our organization remained in good standing with the appropriate authorities. His hands guided us safely from a small local charity to a multinational organization with branches in Australia, New Zealand, USA , Canada and South Africa. He chaired our last EwB AGM in June 2021. Mel was much more than a lawyer to us over these 20 years. He was the rock we depended on.

Thank you, Mel.

The Board members of Education without Borders since 2002.

Supporters, friends and the young people who have have been part of our projects.



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