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Peer-to-Peer Help Crosses the Ocean

We are happy to announce a new partnership between Education without Borders (EwB) and PeerLab Tutoring. This collaboration enables South African students to receive virtual one-on-one support from tutors in the United States.

PeerLab was founded by an inspiring young group of high school students in Long Island, New York. As the pandemic hit, Aman, Jonathan and Justin noticed rising tutoring needs in certain school subjects. They quickly decided to create an online tutoring program, connecting students and tutors for individual sessions using online video platforms such as Zoom. This program is completely free of charge and led by volunteers.

From L to R: Jonathan, Aman and Justin, Founders of PeerLab Tutoring

EwB was approached to help South African students find American tutors. To date, six South African students have successfully been tutored by the PeerLab team.

“We are truly inspired by PeerLab Tutoring’s vision and values,” says Ruth and Cecil Hershler, Co-Founders of EwB. “It reminds us that help can come in many forms, and seeing high school students from the USA help students from South Africa is heartening. We hope to collaborate for many more years.”

Interested in tutoring South African students? PeerLab Tutoring is currently looking for college level tutors in Canada and South Africa to expand their programming to teach subjects that are beyond high school level. To volunteer, reach out to



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