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Podcast Episode 8 (Part 2): "Remember"

The second part of episode 8, Exploring Elders Gaylene Noble & Jacob Francis of 100.7 The Raven's Indigenous-led podcast titled “Remember” discusses child responsibilities and duties, rock rubbing, housing and sleeping arrangements on reserve, money and helping one another. This podcast is made possible through a partnership with Education without Borders (EwB), and explores the thoughts and memories of First Nations elders from Vancouver Island and the surrounding areas. This episode is led by host Tchadas Leo, joined by Marissa Herman and Stewart Barnes.

Listeners can find the podcast on the Raven’s official website and on all major podcast streaming services. Funding for this podcast is provided by Education without Borders, with a donation from Hammerco Lawyers LLP in memory of Mel Beaton, to contribute to a legacy of reconciliation and cultural education for the benefit of Canadian society.


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