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Remembering Di Singer | In Memoriam

1954 - 2022

It is Diane (Di) Singer’s cousin’s wedding anniversary in 2018. We’re in San Francisco at their home celebrating.

I catch a breather from the music and dancing in the back garden.

By chance, I sit down next to Di (I don’t know her name yet). I start talking about this project we’re doing in South Africa.

Her eyes widen. There is a sense of someone quietly listening. She asks a few questions. I tell her that one of the ways we raise money is through South African Film Festivals (SAFF) in Canada.

We walk inside and Ruth joins us.

Just before we part, Di says: “I’ll do it. I will create a South African Film Festival in Sydney.”

We return home. We don’t give it a second thought – nice party conversation.

The rest is history.

Di puts together a team and, together with Claire Jankelson, completes four successful South African Film Festivals that raise the most funds yet.

We have multiple zoom and WhatsApp conversations and Di never wavers.

Calm, steadfast, generous and inclusive.

Thank you, friend. Di Singer will be a great loss not only to her family and friends but to our organization and all who have had the privilege of knowing her. In addition to creating the South African Film Festival in Australia, Di was an invaluable member of our EwB Board of Directors in Canada and Australia.



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