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Statement by Education without Borders on Racism

Nelson Mandela said that “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. However, we cannot talk about education in South Africa or other parts of the world today without addressing the profound and adverse impact of systemic racism over time.

Many of us currently involved with Education without Borders (EwB) grew up in Apartheid South Africa. Some of us started working with Black schools during a period when discrimination against Black people was harsh and brutal. It was then that we created an enduring relationship with the sole Black High school near Cape Town (Fezeka) which has endured to the present day.

EwB became a registered charity in Canada in 2002. Its educational development work with Fezeka has expanded to three additional township sites and today our leaders, staff and tutors serve many learners in townships in the Western Cape.

In addition to donations, EwB raises funds through South African Film Festivals in Vancouver, Toronto and Sydney (Australia). EwB funds also support indigenous youth educational projects in Canada. Our aim is for the film festivals to inform viewers about the long-term impact and effects of racism and poverty and thereby build awareness and understanding of systemic racism in society.

We believe that EwB’s programs in South Africa, Canada and Australia contribute some of the necessary and concrete steps towards the elimination of systemic racism.

Education without Borders stands in solidarity with those who have been impacted and are losing their lives to police brutality and systemic racism.

Education without Borders speaks up with those whose voices are overlooked and undervalued.

Education without Borders is committed to the struggle for freedom and justice for all peoples who are marginalized.

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