To empower disadvantaged and at-risk children around the world by instilling a love of learning through educational opportunities.




We believe …


Every child matters and deserves access to equal educational opportunities.


Fostering a love of learning among children will help them overcome life barriers.

Education empowers individuals to have greater control over their lives, opening up possibilities and choices for the future.

Educational opportunities help build stronger, more resilient families, communities and economies.
















Education without Borders Founders, Ruth and Cecil Hershler, decide to leave apartheid South Africa but want to make a positive impact before immigrating to Canada. They seek out a black township school to work with. A lasting relationship with Fezeka Senior Secondary school begins. The original site of Fezeka is Phillipi township, outside of Cape Town, South Africa. 


The school is in great disrepair.  Over the next two years, a library and science lab are created, a hall and fence are built and the roof is repaired.




Fezeka Senior Secondary school is burned down in the Soweto riots.  The school is relocated to its current site in Gugulethu township, outside of Cape Town, South Africa.  Half of the school is housed in temporary portables.




Education without Borders, a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, is created.  The initial focus of EwB is to assist Fezeka Senior Secondary School, with the intention of expanding over time to other schools in Gugulethu and other townships.

Education without Borders obtains charitable status in Canada.




Over the next two years, EwB builds eight new classrooms at Fezeka Senior Secondary school.




Over a three year period, EwB raises funds in Canada to pay off the building loan.  During this period, EwB plans the next phase of assistance.




Education without Borders implements a volunteer program.  The first volunteer Canadian teacher arrives at Fezeka Senior Secondary school and teaches Grades 10, 11 and 12 English.  The volunteer’s experience helps EwB gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in township schools.




Education without Borders launches a six-week Math after-school program, with six teachers and 150 Grade 9 learners. This initial after-school program provides the foundation for a more extensive after-school program.




Education without Borders creates an after-school program in Math and English for Grades 8, 9 and 10. The program uses university students as tutors.

Education without Borders funds photographic arts and dance programs




Over two years, EwB funds a library project coordinator.




Education without Borders builds a school garden.




A fully functioning library is created at the Fezeka school campus by EwB with support from EwB’s library project coordinator and other partners.




Education without Borders expands its programs to Mseki Primary school in Gugulethu township.


Education without Borders applies its experience in township schools in South Africa to the Canadian context.  It begins to serve Indigenous children and their communities in British Columbia.



Education without Borders expands its program to include Nobantu After School facility in Mfuleni township, outside Cape Town, South Africa. 


Education without Borders creates an after-school program at their fourth site in Bellville South Primary School in collaboration with the Building Bridges organization.








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Just $360 (less than a dollar a day) allows one student to complete one year of EwB’s after-school program, and provides them with a meal every day.

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