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Volunteer in Vancouver

EwB is always looking for eager, caring volunteers. We need people available for short term help and for longer-term commitments. Our particular needs now are for: data base management and/or assistance at bi-yearly fund-raisers. For more information of how you can get involved, please contact us at or call (604) 224-3077.

Volunteer in South Africa

EwB is seeking volunteers for exciting, fulfilling, and demanding volunteer positions at Fezeka Senior Secondary and  in other schools in Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa. EwB is looking for volunteers who will serve either as assistant project managers and/or as teaching assistants/tutors. A commitment of one year is desirable.


The volunteer assistant project manager will be responsible for facilitating and managing ongoing and new projects at the schools. These projects could include: involvement in an after-school Mathematics/English/Life Skills remediation tutoring program,  the organization and ongoing operation of a school library, and other projects as determined with EwB staff. A volunteer teaching assistant/tutor is expected to be involved in the after-school tutoring program where the primary focus is Grade 8-10 Mathematics/English/Life Skills as well as similar programming in Grades 1-7 at Mseki. The volunteer teaching assistant would also collaborate with other teaching staff and work within the schools in various capacities.


Applicants for the assistant project management position should have prior travel, leadership and overseas work experience. Applicants for the assistant teaching/tutoring position need not have a teaching degree but prior teaching experience will be an asset. Applicants for both positions must be mature, open minded and flexible. An ability to be resourceful, take initiative and adapt to new situations is a must. Letters of reference will be required.

Location and School

Fezeka Senior Secondary and Mseki Primary Schools are located in Gugulethu (known colloquially as Gugs), a black township (pop.300,000 approx.) on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. The schools are situated in a poor, overcrowded area. Not only are black schools like Fezeka and St Francis struggling with inadequate facilities and social problems, but some students are entering an education system that for years has excluded them. The students can range in age from 14 to early to mid-20s, regardless of the grade they may be in. The Fezeka school population is somewhere around 1,300 students. Currently, there are about 40 teachers on the Fezeka teaching staff and class sizes can vary from 38-52 students per class.


A detailed orientation will be provided by an EwB representative in Cape Town. The orientation will include assistance in organizing transportation and lodging, as well as guidelines for personal conduct and safety. A local EwB representative will always be available to the volunteer if s/he has any questions or concerns throughout their assignment. Fezeka and Mseki are easy to get to from the Main Road in Gugulethu, which is a short distance from the N2 (one of the major highways in Cape Town), and have constant security on the premises. Entry to the schools are through  gates which are locked during school hours.

Financial Information

EwB is unable to support the volunteer with respect to airfare, lodging, transportation and food. The total necessary for yearly living expenses in Cape Town is approximately $20,000. Airfare varies but is approximately $2,000 (return). EwB will assist the volunteer with regard to social supports in Cape Town, supervision, advice with respect to lodging,security etc.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit their resume and completed application form to Education without Borders. The application form can be found in an attachment below. Application packages can be faxed to (604) 732-5913 or mailed to:

Cecil Hershler
Education without Borders
104-2786 West 16th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. V6K 3C4


We encourage you to contact EwB with any questions that you may have about this opportunity. Email us at or call (604) 224-3077.