Education without Borders has focused its first efforts in South African township schools because problems are significant, including:

  • Impoverished and overcrowded townships where crime and violence are rife;

  • Hopelessly overcrowded classes with approximately 40 children per classroom;

  • A significantly high drop-out rate between Grades 11 (445 students) and 12 (100 students), meaning many students do not complete their schooling. Reasons for dropping out include students’ need to earn a living and support their families;

  • A lack of jobs (60% unemployment) which means many formerly good students are forced to turn to drugs and/or crime;

  • Inadequate technical aids and resources for teachers;

  • Black schools exist in an education system that for years excluded them. During the apartheid era, very few blacks had the opportunity to graduate from high school. Some of the teachers in township schools are still suffering from the effects of this discrimination.

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Just $360 (less than a dollar a day) allows one student to complete one year of EwB’s after-school program, and provides them with a meal every day.

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