Bellville South Primary School is EwB’s 4th site and was opened in 2019 in partnership with Building Bridges Community Organization. Currently, we run an after-school program in English and mathematics for 70 learners in Grades 4-7.


EwB’s site coordinator is Mickayla Smith who attended Bellville South  Primary and is a passionate and dedicated advocate of the program. Funding for the program is completely generated by the very successful Sydney South African Film Festival. Bellville South Primary School has" hit the ground running” with an enthusiastic and supportive principal and teaching staff. We are excited to add the program for the Grade 8 learners this year.


Every Child - Fezeka Choir with Olafson and Mdingi
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Monde Mdingi (South Africa) and Lowry Olafson (Canada) recently collaborated to create ‘Every Child’ for Education without Borders. The song is performed in English and isiXhosa by members of the Fezeka School Choir which is conducted by Monde Mdingi.

Just $360 (less than a dollar a day) allows one student to complete one year of EwB’s after-school program, and provides them with a meal every day.

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