EwB initiatives include after-school support programs in Mathematics, English literacy, isiXhosa literacy, Science, school leadership and youth mentorship.  


EwB is working with Mseki Primary and Fezeka Secondary schools in Gugulethu township, Nobantu, a community centre based after school facility in Mfuleni township and Bellville South Primary school in Bellville South.


EwB initiatives are supported through fundraising, grants and partnerships with other

non-profit organizations in B.C., Canada and abroad.  






Our programs are dedicated to the following model:


as these areas are the most populated and face the biggest challenges.





to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs.

with a learner-to-tutor ratio that maximizes learning.



to help tutors learn from experienced teachers



with the in-school curriculum and existing educational objectives and policies.


Mathematics Program

  • EwB tutor-directed, after-school learning is provided in Mathematics for grades 4 to 10 learners.

  • Grade 11 learners who have completed the EwB Mathematics program in grades 8 to 10 may tutor learners in grades 4 to 5. 


English Program

  • EwB tutor-directed, after-school learning is provided in English for grades 8 to 10 learners.


Early Years Home Languages Program

  • A literacy program in home languages (IsiXhosa) focused on reading writing and comprehension is provided for grades 1 to 3 learners.

  • The program is delivered in the classroom, half an hour per week, during school hours.


Intermediate Years Literacy Program 

  • English learning focused on reading, writing and comprehension is provided for grade 4 and 5 learners after school, once a week. 

  • This program will be offered to grade 6 learners in 2019.


Science Program

•   EwB tutor-directed science program for grades 10 and 11 learners.

•   The program is delivered weekly on an after-school basis.





Students from Fezeka Senior Secondary participate in the award-winning Fezeka School Choir under the leadership of Choir Master Monde Mdingi, whose salary is funded by EwB.  The choir is a considerable source of pride for the individuals involved, as well as the school and community.



During school holidays, grades 8 to 10 EwB learners participate in holiday camps to learn Maths, English and Science by playing games, participating in sports, writing and performing plays and going on excursions. 


A leadership camp is offered to grade 8 EwB learners who have demonstrated commitment to their learning.


A portion of EwB revenue is allocated to local Indigenous school projects in British Columbia, Canada.


The Indigenous Storybook Canada Project

In 2018, EwB began to provide support and collaborate with Indigenous Storybooks - a Canadian website for children, families, community members and educators. 


The Indigenous Storybook Canada Project aims to make the text, images and audio of stories available in Indigenous languages, English, French and the most widely spoken immigrant and refugee languages of Canada. 


All of the stories currently come from the Little Cree Books project in Alberta, Canada – a groundbreaking digital initiative promoting literacy in the Cree language. 



EwB and AnxietyCanada have partnered with the Alternate School Programs in Chilliwack to strengthen knowledge and capacity among students, parents or caregivers, and educators about management of anxiety and anxiety disorders.  The outcome of the project is to build resilient minds and improve student learning.  A large percentage of students in the programs are of First Nations heritage, from the Sto:lo Nation (also known as Shxwetetilthet).


Over the years, EwB has supported local and international projects that align with EwB’s mandate.  Past projects include:



Educo Africa

Ikamva Youth 


The Bookery

The Adonis Musati Project

The Doreen Project 

Dogwood 25






Bellville South Primary School  is EwB’s 4th site and was opened in 2019 in partnership with Building Bridges Community Organization. Currently, we run an after-school program in English and mathematics for 60 learners in Grades 4-6.


EwB’s site coordinator is Mickayla Smith who attended Bellville South  Primary and is a passionate and dedicated advocate of the program. Funding for the program was generated by the very successful 1st Sydney South African Film Festival. Bellville South Primary School has" hit the ground running” with an enthusiastic and supportive principal and teaching staff. 

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Just $360 (less than a dollar a day) allows one student to complete one year of EwB’s after-school program, and provides them with a meal every day.

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