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In Memoriam | Howard Petrook

Howard Petrook was been an indelible part of Education without Borders (EwB) since the expansion of the South African Film Festival (SAFF) to Toronto in 2015. He volunteered as principal fund raiser for SAFF Toronto and subsequently SAFF Canada.

In addition he was instrumental in the establishment of SAFF-USA.

Howard was constantly thinking about imaginative ways to raise funds for SAFF. Auctions, receptions, and sponsorship were among the successful initiatives he led for the benefit of SAFF and EwB. Howard never shied away from asking for financial support for this cause that he so very much believed in. His persistence and persuasiveness assured that he was always among the top fundraisers at SAFF Canada and EwB.

We will all miss him and his passion dearly.

Thank you, Howard.

The Board members of Education without Borders

Supporters, friends and the young people who have have been part of our projects



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