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Workshops Teach EwB Students About Renewable Energy

Thanks to the generosity of KidWind, LCCC Science in Motion, Moore Supply, and others in the USA, Pam Ulicny led workshops on solar panels and wind turbines to a group of 26 learners, teachers, tutors and Education without Borders (EwB) staff.

The first workshop taught participants about solar panels, LEDs, and rechargeable batteries, and shared practical skills like soldering and how to assemble a solar-powered light jar. The second workshop covered how wind turbines function, ways to enhance their efficiency, and how to measure voltage and calculate power generated by the turbines.

Over 100 pounds of educational materials were also donated.

The enthusiasm and joy displayed by EwB learners during these presentations was unparalleled. The combination of educational content and interactive demonstrations not only captivated their attention but also fostered a deep appreciation for sustainable energy sources. The knowledge they gained from these presentations will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on their understanding of renewable energy and its significance in shaping a better future for our planet.



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