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Learner Profile: Gugu

Gugu is a nine year old girl who studies in EwB’s after-school program. She got involved with EwB because she was struggling in Mathematics and could not read or write properly in her second language, English.

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VSAFF: March 23-25, 2018

On March 23-25, 2018 the Vancouver South African Film Festival will present features and documentaries that explore the culture, history and politics of South Africa – films that entertain and inform.

All proceeds from the festival support Education without Borders.

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Introducing EwB’s New Logo

We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of EwB.

The change in our branding reflects who we are now, and the exciting places we are headed.


Why South Africa

Education without Borders has focused its first efforts in South African township schools because problems are significant, including:

  • Impoverished and overcrowded townships where crime and violence are rife;
  • Hopelessly overcrowded classes with approximately 40 children per classroom;
  • A significantly high drop-out rate between Grades 11 (445 students) and 12 (100 students), meaning many students do not complete their schooling. Reasons for dropping out include students’ need to earn a living and support their families;
  • A lack of jobs (60% unemployment) which means many formerly good students are forced to turn to drugs and/or crime;
  • Inadequate technical aids and resources for teachers;
  • Black schools exist in an education system that for years excluded them. During the apartheid era, very few blacks had the opportunity to graduate from high school. Some of the teachers in township schools are still suffering from the effects of this discrimination.

Focus on Canada

In 2015/16, EwB applied its experience in townships schools in South Africa to the Canadian context. Education without Borders now serves Indigenous children and their communities in British Columbia.

EwB and AnxietyBC partnered with the Alternate School Programs in Chilliwack, British Columbia to strengthen knowledge and capacity among students / parents / caregivers and educators about the management of anxiety and anxiety disorders. The goal is to build resilient minds and improve student learning. A large percentage of students in the programs are of Indigenous heritage, from the Sto:lo Nation (also known as Shxwetetilthet).

In 2015/16, EwB also provided financial support to Dogwood 25. The organization provides culturally responsive mentorship opportunities for indigenous students in elementary, high school and post-secondary schools, using an evidence-based model of peer mentorship that supports academic success.


Project Spotlight:Tutoring

Launched in 2009, EwB’s after-school tutoring program, including English, maths and science, is at the heart of our work in the South African township of Gugulethu.

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Woza Afrika 2015 a Huge Sucess

Woza Afrika 2015, held November 28 last year at the Kay Meek Centre, was once again a huge success. 250 patrons were treated to a spellbinding concert featuring Ann Mortifee that brought together story, song, dance and original piano composition.

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